How much do General Hospital stars get paid? (2023)

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How much do the actors get paid on General Hospital?

Some actors who are more crucial to the storylines may earn more than $1,500 an episode. On the higher end, they can make around $780,000 a year. If you last on the show for over 10 years, you could earn up to $5,000 per episode which would put you at $1.3 million a season.

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What is the average salary of a soap opera star?

Soap opera stars make a wide range of different salaries, but the average soap opera star makes an annual salary of $52,946. Top soap opera stars can earn as much as $300,000 or more per year, while low-level soap opera actors can earn as little as $10,841 per year.

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How much do soap stars earn UK?

The fees can range from £400 to £2,000, depending on their storylines, popularity and time on the soap. Most actors have a guaranteed number of episodes a year and a repeat fee. This means salaries can range from around £12,000 to well over £200,000 depending on how often they are in the show.

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How much does Kelly Monaco make on General Hospital?

It is not clear exactly how much Monaco makes from General Hospital, but for an actor who has been on the show for a long time, she could earn up to $5,000 per episode. These figures are by no means extravagant in Hollywood, but they do provide daytime soap actors with a comfortable living.

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Who is the longest running star on General Hospital?

The longest-running cast member is Leslie Charleson, who has portrayed Monica Quartermaine since August 17, 1977, also making her one of the longest-tenured actors in American soap operas.

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Do actors still get paid for reruns?

So, do all actors get paid for reruns? According to the Screen Actors Guild-American Federation of Television and Radio Artists, some do and some don't. For principal performers, royalties can lead to long-term payoffs that trump the original salary.

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How many days a week do soap actors work?

While established actors often are guaranteed one to three days (or more) of work per week, newbies might land just one or two days. Or they might not be needed at all for certain episodes. This fluctuation means finding steady income is difficult, especially for those just starting out.

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How much does a top opera singer earn?

The salary range for Opera Singers runs from $60,000 to $200,000. Opera Singers are typically paid per project, although those participating in Young Artists Programs or as artists-in-residency are paid weekly. The opera company will send Singers a “contract and fee which you either accept or negotiate.

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What is David Platt salary?

Less is known about the exact salaries of ITV soap stars however OK! estimates Jack P Shepherd - who plays David Platt - is said to take home £250,000 a year.

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How much is Steve from Coronation Street worth?

He is said to be worth an estimated £1million which is thanks to his long standing role on Coronation Street. According to reports, his salary is thought to be £150K a year.

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How much does Danny Miller earn on Emmerdale?

Danny Miller's character Aaron Dingle appeared in more than 1,400 episodes of the show therefore he would have racked up a fair salary over his 13 years, going off the rate of £400 to £2,000 per episode.

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What do Home and Away actors get paid?

Home and Away star's exciting career move: 'Dream come true'

The $35 hourly wage is higher than the minimum wage in Australia, which is $21.38 per hour. As an added benefit, extras on films and television shows often get a hot catered lunch due to the long days.

How much do General Hospital stars get paid? (2023)
How much does Alf Stewart get paid?

Next on a list of TV's big earners compiled by The Sunday Telegraph, - but on comparatively tiny money - is Home And Away stalwart Ray Meagher, who is said to earn $500,000 for being Alf Stewart.

Do soap opera actors memorize their lines?

No one should arrive in the studio without the lines memorized. It would be too unprofessional (I have seen it happen, unfortunately… But it is rare). The problem is that the scenes involve several people, so the dynamic only develops when we meet. Memorizing your lines is just part of the process

Did Sam on General Hospital get her lips done?

Yes she did! Either the actress has had some work done or she is having an allergic reaction! She's been puffy since she returned, especially her lips.

Are Carly and Peter from General Hospital dating in real life?

Laura Wright and Wes Ramsey, who play Carly Corinthos and Peter August, are two General Hospital co-stars who are currently in a relationship.

Why was Monica replaced on General Hospital?

In April 2018, it was announced that due to an injury Charleson sustained, the soap would temporarily recast the role of Monica to handle the advanced writing required for the character; Patty McCormack was announced as the temporary replacement of Charleson. McCormack first appeared on May 7, 2018.

Who is coming to GH in 2022?

Genie Francis returned to General Hospital in 2022 to continue portraying the role of Laura Spencer. Laura is known as one of Port Charles' most iconic residents and battled the Cassadines to become the city's new mayor, all while coping with her marriage to Luke Spencer and triumphing over allegations of murder.

Who are real life couples on General Hospital?

Michael Saucedo and Rebecca Herbst met on the set of General Hospital and were married in 2001. They have three children together.

Who is the oldest soap star?

1Patricia Greene65 years
2June Spencer65 years
3Ludmiła Łączyńska62 years
4William Roache61 years
17 more rows

How much does Jennifer Aniston get for reruns?

In 2000, the Friends cast signed a contract that allowed them all to get a cut of any royalties from reruns, which is kinda rare, tbh. And since Friends is still on television 18 years later, Jen gets a 2 percent share of the total $1 billion the show earns in streaming and royalties revenue Every.

Do actors only get paid once?

Generally speaking, for screen work, actors are paid a day rate. If they are needed for more than five days, they are paid a weekly rate. Rates vary if actors are needed for the entirety of the film shoot or the entirety of a television season. Television actors can also be paid per episode.

Do actors get paid every time a commercial airs?

If you appear in a local commercial and aren't in a union, you can likely expect to earn only your hourly or daily payment for the acting work. Whether you receive residuals may also depend on your role in the commercial.

Do TV actors memorize their lines?

Part of the actors' training is to improve their ability to memorize things. Practice improves their memory so, with time, it becomes easier to memorize lines. But actors rarely memorize the entire script before the filming starts.

How long do actors stay at with a show?

Actors put in long days on set. While every shoot is different, it's not uncommon for actors to get up at dawn for hours of hair and makeup before putting in 10-hour work days, so where they rest at the end of the day can really impact their performance—positively or negatively.

How long do actors shoot daily?

With an average 12-hour single camera production day (7: 00 AM. to almost 8: 00 PM), most films average about 25 setups (individual shots) every day. It takes that long because each picture must be rehearsed, clogged, and shot.

Who is the highest paid singer in the world?

Highest-earning musicians by year
2016Taylor Swift ^$170 million
2017Diddy ^$130 million
2018U2$118 million
2019Taylor Swift ^$185 million
30 more rows

Who is the highest paid concert performer?

Meet the artists on a financial roll. It goes without saying that the world of music is big business—and a lucrative one at that.
Rockin' and rolllin': These are the world's richest musicians
  • Sean “P Diddy” Combs. ...
  • Red Hot Chilli Peppers. ...
  • Bob Dylan. ...
  • Ryan Tedder. ...
  • Paul Simon. ...
  • Kanye West. ...
  • Jay-Z. ...
  • Bruce Springsteen.
14 Sept 2022

Who is the highest paying female singer?

This statistic displays a ranking of highest-paid female music celebrities between June 2018 and June 2019. In that period, Taylor Swift was the highest earner, with an annual income of 185 million U.S. dollars.
CharacteristicIncome in million U.S. dollars
Taylor Swift185
Katy Perry57.5
6 more rows
8 Jun 2021

How much does Peter Barlow get paid?

He is reportedly earning around earning £150,000 in his role.

How much does Jack P Shepherd make?

It has been revealed that Shepherd is being paid £200,000 a year for his role on Coronation Street, a much larger sum than longer-serving co-stars Simon Gregson (Steve McDonald) and Sue Nicholls (Audrey Roberts). Shepherd is a Leeds United supporter.

Who is the youngest pastor?

At the time he was the youngest megachurch pastor in the United States.
David Platt (pastor)
David Platt
BornJuly 11, 1978 Atlanta, Georgia
OccupationPastor, author, educator
Years active2005–present
9 more rows

Which soap character has been married the most?

Steve McDonald (Simon Gregson) – 7 weddings

The Coronation Street star is soap's most-married man, with brides including Vicky Ardeen (Chloe Newsome), Karen Phillips (Suranne Jones) twice, Becky Granger (Katherine Kelly), Michelle Connor (Kym Marsh) and Tracy Barlow (Kate Ford) also twice.

How much does Sally from Coronation Street earn?

Sally has a reported net worth of £5million. Her net worth comes as a result of her time working on Coronation Street, where she is believed to earn around £200,000 annually. The actress also made her television debut in police drama Juliet Bravo playing the role of troubled schoolgirl Wendy Cunningham.

Who has been married the most times in Coronation Street?

Steve McDonald

Where is Henry Winkler's net worth?

Henry Franklin Winkler is an American actor that has an estimated net worth of $40 million dollars, according to Celebrity Net Worth, for his roles in the entertainment industry as an actor, director, producer and also a children's book author.

How much does Dani Leigh make?

Danileigh Net Worth
Full Name:Danileigh
Country:United States
Born:December 20, 1994
2 more rows

What is Kevin Webster salary?

Michael Le Vell, who plays mechanic Kevin Webster, is thought to earn around £170,000 per year, and Alan Halsall, who plays Tyrone Dobbs, reportedly pockets £100,000.

What do TV extras get paid?

A common rate for a single day of background work is between $100 and $200. SAG talent earns more—sometimes a lot more—than their nonunion counterparts, but pay is much less uniform. The base rate for background work in 2021 is roughly $170 per day, but there are a number of stipulations that affect that number.

How much do daytime soap actors get paid?

The salaries of Soap Opera Actors in the US range from $10,841 to $294,666 , with a median salary of $52,946 . The middle 57% of Soap Opera Actors makes between $52,946 and $133,501, with the top 86% making $294,666.

How much do Netflix actors get paid?

$160,094. The estimated total pay for a Actor at Netflix is $160,094 per year. This number represents the median, which is the midpoint of the ranges from our proprietary Total Pay Estimate model and based on salaries collected from our users. The estimated base pay is $114,981 per year.

How much does Zach Braff get paid for Scrubs?

When Scrubs was at its peak, Zach Braff was one of the highest-earning actors on television. Although his salary fluctuated over the course of the various seasons, he was at one point earning $350,000 per episode of Scrubs. This equates to an annual salary of approximately $3.85 million for the seventh season alone.

How much did Zach Braff make per episode of Scrubs?

During its' peak, Scrubs made Zach Braff the best paid actors with a whooping salary scale of $350,000 per episode. He has earned over $3.85 million dollars in the seventh of the series alone. More so, he has directed 7 episodes of the Scrubs TV series.

What is the most successful soap opera of all time?

The world's most successful TV soap-opera was <em>Dallas</em> (CBS, USA), which began in 1978 as a mini-series.

How do actors not get nervous?

Performance Anxiety Treatments
  1. Be prepared: practice, practice, practice.
  2. Limit caffeine and sugar intake the day of the performance. ...
  3. Shift the focus off of yourself and your fear to the enjoyment you are providing to the spectators. ...
  4. Don't focus on what could go wrong. ...
  5. Avoid thoughts that produce self-doubt.
13 Nov 2021

Which soap opera has the highest ratings?

Women 25-54 Rating
Rank / Show / NetworkThis Week2020
1. The Price is Right 2 (CBS)0.60.8
2. The Price is Right 1 (CBS)0.60.8
2. The Young and the Restless (CBS)0.60.7
2. The Bold and the Beautiful (CBS)0.60.7
9 more rows
13 Oct 2022

How much does Megan Mullally make per episode?


How much money does Sonny on General Hospital make?

It has been estimated that he makes around $5,000 per episode. If General Hospital has around 260 episodes per year, someone like Benard could pull in over $1 million annually.

How much does an actor make per episode?

How much does a TV actor get paid per episode? New actors take home between $15,000 and $20,000 per episode on a TV or cable network, while more experienced filmmakers earn from $75,000 to $100,000. The industry's big wigs earn an average of $150,000 for the premiere season.

How much do recurring actors make per episode?


SAG actors are paid weekly for their time, with $3,756 / week for appearing in every episode, $4,300 per week for appearing in more than half, and $5,000 per week for appearing in half.

How much does Sofia Vergara make per episode?

Vergara had her biggest TV haul ever from her gig playing Gloria on ABC's Modern Family, for which she earned $500,000 per episode, and her new job as a TV talent judge on America's Got Talent, which pays her at least $10 million each season.

How much is Joy Behar make a year?

Joy Behar Net Worth
Net Worth:$30 Million
Salary:$7 Million
Date of BirthOct 7, 1942 (80 years old)
Place of BirthWilliamsburg
3 more rows

How much does Jennifer make per episode?

Aniston earned $1 million per episode.

While acting in Friends, she also participated in multiple films expanding her resume and net worth. Aniston's popular films are Bruce Almighty, Along Came Polly, The Break-Up, Marley & Me, and The Good Girl.

Is General Hospital filmed in a real hospital?

The Episode Begins Outside The Set

General Hospital has been filmed on sets at The Prospect Studios in Los Angeles, California for decades, and avid GH viewers may have noticed something that made the 15,000th episode extra special when it opened with Laura pulling up to the hospital.

How much does Maurice make a year?

Maurice Salary
Annual SalaryHourly Wage
Top Earners$22,500$11
75th Percentile$21,500$10
25th Percentile$18,500$9

How did Lauralee Bell make her money?

She has created two successful boutiques, On Beverly Blvd and On Sunset, and a production facility, 3Labs, outside of her acting resume. What is this? In July 2010, she returned to The Young and the Restless in a recurring capacity. Lauralee co-owned a boutique, On Sunset, which closed in 2009.

Do actors get paid all at once?

Actors start out at a day rate, and if they are needed for longer, the payment scheme is bumped up to a weekly rate, and then to a run-of-the-picture rate. For example, on a film with a budget of at least $2 million, under the SAG-AFTRA theatrical contract, the minimum day rate is currently $1,056 per day.

Do actors get paid after the show?

When shows are syndicated, redistributed, released on DVD, purchased by a streaming service or otherwise used beyond what the actors were originally paid for, those actors get residual checks called royalties.

How many hours a day do actors spend on set?

Filming days can run from twelve to as many as twenty hours. Feature films may involve working 5 days a week and can last up to three months of shooting. Depending on the role, an actor may need to learn new skills or receive training or coaching. This can last several weeks or a few months.

Who makes the most per episode on TV?

TV and streaming salaries per episode
Reese WitherspoonThe Morning Show$2 million
Charlie SheenTwo and a Half Men$1.8 million
Ray RomanoEverybody Loves Raymond$1.725 million
Kelsey GrammerFrasier$1.6 million
50 more rows

How do actors get paid when not working?

The short answer is “They don't.” If you're not working, you're not getting paid. If you have recently been working as an actor and the show closed, you can file for unemployment , which many or most actors do. But that's only temporary and doesn't solve the actual long-term problem.

Can a SAG actor work for free?

SAG-AFTRA members can work nonunion jobs if they choose to become a “Fee Paying Non-Member”—or rather, a nonunion SAG member that still pays dues.

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